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The Medical Research Institute of New Zealand is an independent medical research organisation dedicated to investigating the causes of important public health problems In New Zealand and internationally. Our particular focus is on research which has the potential to lead to improvements in clinical management.

Established in late 2001, MRINZ has become internationally recognised as one of New Zealand’s major medical research organisations, publishing innovative research in high impact international journals.

Our main clinical research facility is at the Wellington Regional Hospital.

Latest News

Did COVID-19 precautions prevent this year’s flu epidemic in the southern hemisphere?

In a letter published in The Lancet today, we noted that this Winter there was no epidemic of influenza (the flu) in the southern hemisphere – the first time this has happened since records began! We think this is due to the community measures to prevent COVID-19 spread, such as social distancing, mask use, and […]

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The timing is more important than the total dose of inhaled corticosteroid in mild asthma

In asthma care, inhaled steroids treat the inflammation driving symptoms, and β2-agonists like Salbutamol relieve symptoms quickly to make breathing easier. We found that by taking these medicines together in a combined inhaler early when symptoms started to flare up, patients were able to better match the amount of steroid taken to their need (rather […]

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Reducing the burden of asthma: time to set research and clinical priorities

The global mortality from asthma has not changed much since 2006. In a new Editorial for The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, our Director Professor Beasley sets out research and clinical priorities for pushing past this plateau, and further reducing the global burden of asthma: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanres/article/PIIS2213-2600(20)30400-8/fulltext You can also listen to The Lancet Respiratory Medicine Podcast interviewing […]

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The Institute regularly needs volunteers for studies, we currently have the following requirements. If you don't meet the criteria below but are still interested in volunteering for research studies, please contact Melissa Black melissa.black@mrinz.ac.nz (or 04-805-0267) so that we can get in touch when future opportunities arise.