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The Medical Research Institute of New Zealand is an independent medical research organisation dedicated to investigating the causes of important public health problems In New Zealand and internationally. Our particular focus is on research which has the potential to lead to improvements in clinical management.

Established in late 2001, MRINZ has become internationally recognised as one of New Zealand’s major medical research organisations, publishing innovative research in high impact international journals.

Our main clinical research facility is at the Wellington Regional Hospital.

Latest News

Inhaled steroids may have similar effects, both positive and negative, to steroids taken by mouth for asthma

Asthma symptoms and flare-ups are caused by inflammation of the airways. To treat this, anti-inflammatory medication such as corticosteroids are often prescribed. Most people with asthma are treated with corticosteroids using an inhaler (inhaled corticosteroids). Usually, this would be at a dose which mostly has an effect within the airways. However, some patients with severe […]

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Optimal asthma control: time for a new target

Day-to-day asthma treatment is widely based on a stepwise approach where care can be ‘stepped up’ to control symptoms, and ‘stepped down’ after a period of symptom control. We have written a review of potential problems with this approach.  Firstly, this model can only achieve ’total control’ of symptoms for 4/10 patients, or ‘well-controlled’ symptoms […]

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The AIR algorithm: a new approach to asthma care based on evidence of better outcomes, safety, and ease of use for patients

We have proposed a new treatment model for day-to-day asthma care: the anti-inflammatory reliever therapy based algorithm (AIR algorithm for short), based on a 2-in-1 combination inhaler. Day-to-day asthma care usually involves taking two types of medicines: Maintenance: regular scheduled treatment to control asthma symptoms and reduce the risk of asthma attacks. Reliever: ’top-up’ treatment […]

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The Institute regularly needs volunteers for studies, we currently have the following requirements. If you don't meet the criteria below but are still interested in volunteering for research studies, please contact Mathew mathew.williams@mrinz.ac.nz (or 04-805-0243) so that we can get in touch when future opportunities arise.