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The Medical Research Institute of New Zealand is an independent medical research organisation dedicated to investigating the causes of important public health problems In New Zealand and internationally. Our particular focus is on research which has the potential to lead to improvements in clinical management.

Established in late 2001, MRINZ has become internationally recognised as one of New Zealand’s major medical research organisations, publishing innovative research in high impact international journals.

Our main clinical research facility is at the Wellington Regional Hospital.

Latest News

1 News interview MRINZ director about “ground-breaking” asthma research which could more than half risk of severe exacerbations

1 in 6 New Zealanders has asthma, and many require two inhalers - a 'preventer' and a 'reliever'. Increased treatment complexity has been shown to reduce adherence to that prescription - which could nullify any benefit. 1 News interviewed MRINZ director Professor Richard Beasley about the recent publication of ground-breaking asthma research, which showed a combination inhaler could more than half the risk of severe asthma exacerbations. This benefit came with a lower number of inhalers, less frequent doses, and a lower overall steroid burden. The study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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Kānuka honey found as effective as standard anti-viral treatment for cold sores, in large-scale randomised controlled trial

A unique pharmacy-backed trial, one of the largest medical studies of its kind ever undertaken in this country, has shown that honey derived from the New Zealand kānuka tree is just as effective in healing cold sores as standard pharmaceutical anti-viral treatment. The results published in the prestigious British Medical Journal Open, has shown that a New Zealand kānuka honey formulation Honevo (90% kānuka honey and 10% glycerin) is as effective as Viraban (5% aciclovir cream) in the time it takes to reduce pain and heal a cold sore. Dr Alex Semprini who led the study, says it’s unusual for...

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NIV vs NHF for hypercapnic respiratory failure in COPD

Our latest study compared the current "Gold Standard" treatment in COPD: Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV, which can be poorly tolerated in up to 20% of patients) against a possible future alternative strategy of Nasal High-Flow Oxygen (NHF). Check out Dr Steven McKinstry presenting a short video summary of this publication in Respirology. The bottom line, according to co-author Dr James Fingleton, was that "NHF is a potential new treatment option for people with COPD and hypercapnic respiratory failure which may be better tolerated than the current gold-standard treatment, but we need trials comparing the two treatments over longer periods of time in people's...

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The Institute regularly needs volunteers for studies, we currently have the following requirements. If you don't meet the criteria below but are still interested in volunteering for research studies, please contact Mathew mathew.williams@mrinz.ac.nz (or 04-805-0243) so that we can get in touch when future opportunities arise.