Month: March 2020

COVID-19 announcement - studies paused

Outpatient studies are paused to focus on COVID-19 and ICU studies

March 21, 2020

New Zealand has had its first 2 cases of probable community transmission of COVID-19, in other words, cases which are not linked to travel. We have been preparing for this, and as planned, will pause all outpatient studies for now to protect our volunteers and staff. Over the past few...

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History and future of SABA in asthma by Dr Ciléin Kearns

The history and future of SABA in asthma care

March 2, 2020

Beta-agonists have been used to treat asthma for thousands of years, originally as a naturally occurring compound in the Chinese herbal medicine ‘ma-huang’. They have the ability to relax smooth muscle in the airways when it spasms or tightens, which makes breathing easier when asthma symptoms flare. In our latest...

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