NIV vs NHF for hypercapnic respiratory failure in COPD

May 20, 2019

NIV vs NHF COPD illustration by Dr Cilein Kearns Artibiotics

Our latest study compared the current “Gold Standard” treatment in COPD: Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV, which can be poorly tolerated in up to 20% of patients) against a possible future alternative strategy of Nasal High-Flow Oxygen (NHF).

Check out Dr Steven McKinstry presenting a short video summary of this publication in RespirologyThe bottom line, according to co-author Dr James Fingleton, was that “NHF is a potential new treatment option for people with COPD and hypercapnic respiratory failure which may be better tolerated than the current gold-standard treatment, but we need trials comparing the two treatments over longer periods of time in people’s own homes to be sure.”